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Long, Long Trailer Trivia Quiz

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1: What was the brand name of the trailer Nicky & Tacy bought
Airway Zephyr
New Moon
Travel Home
2: What is the movie's theme song
Breezin' Along With The Breeze
Tea for Two
On the Road Again
We Ain't Got a Barrel of Money
Sentimental Journey
3: Who played the role of the police officer
Andy Griffith
Don Knotts
John Wayne
Keenan Wynn
Paul Wynn
4: What national Park did Nicky & Tacy drive through
Kings Canyon
Grand Canyon
5: What souvenir did Tacy collect to remember each "special place"
a coffee mug
a paper weight
a large rock
a potted plant
a bumper sticker
6: What was the name of the trailer repair company
First Rate Trailer Repair
Excelsior Trailer Repair
Ajax Trailer Repair
Acme Trailer Repair
Midtown Trailer Repair
7: When Nicky first picked up the trailer what was put in the trunk 'Just in case'
Spare Trailer Tire
Block and Tackle
Trailer Jack
Sewer Hose
Power Cord
8: What was the main course Tacy tried to cook while riding in the trailer
Ragu of Beef
Prime Rib
Beef Stroganoff
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
9: What was the name of the name of the beauty salon Tacy went to
Midtown Beauty Salon
Pink Ribbon Salon
High Society Salon
Bonnie's Beauty Parlor
Madge's Beauty Salon
10: What's the name of the trailer park where Nicky & Tacy stayed the first night
Lone Pine Trailer Court
Breezeway Trailer Park
Travel Home Trailer Park
Shady Haven Trailer Park
Sea View Travel Park
11: What town did Aunt Anastasia and Uncle Edgar live in
12: Which of Aunt Anastasia's prize plants did Nicky back over
Rose bush
Magnolia tree
Camellia bush
Grape vine
13: How much did the gas station owner charge to stay over night
14: What was the bill for towing and washing the rig after it was stuck in the mud
15: Who played the role of Mrs. Hittaway
Vivian Vance
Patsy Cline
Donna Reed
Marjorie Main
Dorothy Lamore
16: What was the special feature of the trailer's stove?
a fence around the burners to hold the pots
automatic spark pilot lights
temperature controlled oven
pushbutton controls
glass in the door so you don't have to open it.
17: What magazine was the man in the trailer park manager's office reading
RV Companion
Trailer Traveler
Trailer Life
Travel Trailer News
18: What was Tacy's wedding present from Nicky?
a new awning for the trailer
a new lounge chair
the Trailer
a TV for the trailer
a generator
19: What was the brand of ball hitch installed on the new car?
Sure Grip
Safe Tow
20: What was the name of the car dealership
Midtown Auto Sales
Superior Auto sales
DunDee Auto Sales
Quality Automobiles
Bill's Used Cars

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